WEC at Sebring

As 2019 will be the first year that WEC has been at Sebring much of the information will be evolving throughout the pre-event time period. If you are confirmed as a Technical Scrutineer, Tyre Checker, or Garage/Pit Observer then this information will be disbursed via email.

For more information on the WEC there are two sites to visit: https://www.fiawec.com, and https://www.fia.com. The first has general information about WEC plus specific events (eg: Sebring). The latter will need you to click on the Sport tab and go to World Championships in Competitions, Calendars, or Regulations.

For information on Sebring Raceway go to: https://www.sebringraceway.com.  Directions and other information can be found in the Fan Info area.

Meetings:  We will have a group meeting each morning. There will be other meetings held with the Technical Delegate and the Pits Manager. If necessary, we may also have a wrap-up meeting at the end of the day. You will receive information regarding when and where these meetings will be held, and it will be your responsibility to attend these meetings.

Lunches/Dinners, etc.:  The track will provide lunches/dinners and drinks. We will request Vegetarian meals for those who have informed me of that choice. For those not requesting vegetarian please do not take that choice as there will be a limited number available. I will also request special meals for those with food allergies — however, it may be safer to make sure that you bring something with you just in case there should be any question about the food supplied as not all tracks are sympathetic and organised regarding allergies.

Bottled water will be available, and please make sure that you keep hydrated!

Uniforms:  While you are on duty the uniform will be a single-layer fire-resistant jumpsuit. This you will wear over your normal clothes — perhaps shorts and t-shirt. You will normally be working in the Technical Tents, or Teams' Tents, or cold pit lane (behind the IMSA pit wall). Anyone needing to go into hot pit lane will need to also wear a helmet. The jumpsuits and a limited number of helmets will be supplied by the organisers.

At other times, (eg: in the garages tents or paddock, and during the Initial Scrutineering) black trousers or dark jeans (in good condition) and white shirts should be worn. At all times, closed-toe shoes must be worn.

Your tabard, which you will receive when you register and sign the waiver, will be your credential and will need to be worn at all times that you are in any restricted area.

Equipment to bring:  You will need to bring a clipboard and pen. Mechanic's gloves or other work gloves would be highly recommended. It may be advisable to bring rain gear, and also a radio belt (or similar).

Weather:  The weather during an entire event can be very changeable so be prepared with suitable clothing, especially with rain gear. At some tracks we have had high temperatures, torrential rain, and even frost, all in the same weekend.

Parking & Camping:  TBD

Regulations: You will need to read the WEC Sporting Regulations and the Technical Regulations so that you are comfortable with the general concepts.

WEC 2018-2019 Sporting Regs (3.3MB)

WEC 2019 Tech Regs LMGTE  (2.9MB)

WEC 2019 Tech Regs LMP1 Hybrid  (6.9MB)

WEC 2019 Tech Regs LMP1 non-Hybrid  (5.2MB)

WEC 2019 Tech Regs LMP2  (4.7MB)


The following are older files but will still have some information of interest. If files are updated then confirmed workers will receive an email.

Classes - FIA WEC  (1.2MB)

Driver & Mechanic Safety Equipment  (85KB)

Hybrids (88KB)

Safety-Towing-Lifting Info  (1.7MB)