Technical Lists and International Sporting Code and Appendixes:  The following files may need to be consulted during scrutineering. They are not event specific. If there is any doubt about an item or regulation, check the FIA site for updates.


International Sporting Code & Appendixes


2019 International Sporting Code   968 KB

Appendix L - International Driver's Licences, medical examinations, driver's equipment & conduct  2019   319KB

Appendix V - Rules & procedures concerning volunteers & officials  2019   248KB

Technical Regulations for Alternate Energy Vehicles 2018 678KB


Appendix J - Because there are 40 documents available in this section please go to to download the pertinent document.


Labels, Markings & Instructions for Protective Gear


2016  Safety Equipment Labels (including helmets, tethers, FHR, overalls, belts)   1.2MB

Markings for helmet visors (updated Dec 2015)    232KB

Racing Nets Installation (v.6)   656KB



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