The following pages will give you an overview of what will be expected of the members of the scrutineering crews, and then more specific information for the different events. The COTA (Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas) events have been grouped together as much of the information regarding parking, uniform, etc., will be the same or similar. The specifics will be gathered under headlines, although they may be placed into separate pages in the future if that appears to be a better arrangement. So, do not be surprised if the site changes between visits.

The aim will be, each year, to update the scrutineering training information for the student competitions (Formula Hybrid, Formula SAE, and Formula Student) and post it here as soon as possible after the new rules have been published.

Feedback is always welcome!

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Learn & Compete: A Primer for Formula SAE, Formula Student, & Formula Hybrid Teams

This book is available from:

Race Tech Magazine

SAE International Book Store (members receive a discount)

Amazon UK (other Amazon sites probably also sell it, just search for "Learn & Compete A Primer")


Suzanne and Michael Royce have a combined involvement in motorsport of 100 years (179 years if you add their children's and grandchildren's involvement). This has been in the form of driving, crewing, scrutineering, pit, grid, flagging, timing, chairperson, steward, technical director, and writing rules.  All of which has led to them having a good understanding  of the skills needed to participate in motorsport events. They are still physically and mentally active, so at this time there are no plans to diversify into motorised wheelchair or scooter design and competition, but they reserve the right to change their minds in the future.

The events they are currently involved in include Formula One, MotoGP, World Endurance Championship, Formula E, Sno*Drift Pro Rally, Pirelli World Challenge, Formula Hybrid, Formula Student - UK, and FSAE. They are both licensed scrutineers with Sports Car Club of America, and Suzanne holds an International Chief Scrutineer license from ACCUS-FIA.

Suzanne and Michael have, along with experts in various fields, produced a book titled Learn & Compete: A Primer for FSAE, Formula Student, and Formula Hybrid teams. Racecar Graphic Ltd (publishers of Race Tech and Bernoulli magazines) is the publisher, and books may be purchased through their web site, or SAE International.

This web site is being put together to provide more information for the scrutineering crews at the various events, and for students who might wish to view the information regarding technical inspection for the Formula SAE, Formula Student, and Formula Hybrid events.

If there is any information that you believe would be helpful to be included for any of the groups, please contact Suzanne or Michael.

Suzanne and Michael Royce