Formula E —  New York

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Uniforms:  The scrutineers' uniforms will be black trousers (long) or black jeans in good condition, and white shirts. The shirts can be golf shirts, t-shirts, or regular shirts, with either long or short sleeves. The only proviso is that the shirts should have no advertising or sayings that could be seen through the FIA tabard that will be worn and serve as your credential. Closed-toe shoes must be worn.

Equipment to bring:  You will need to bring a clipboard and pen. Mechanic's gloves or other work gloves would be highly recommended. It may be advisable to bring rain gear, and also a radio belt (or similar).

Meetings: We will have a group meeting each morning. There will be other meetings held with the Technical Delegate. If necessary, we may also have a wrap-up meeting at the end of the day. You will receive information regarding when and where, and it is your responsibility to attend these meetings.

Lunches, etc.: The track will provide lunches and drinks on the Friday and Saturday. Vegetarian lunches will be available for those who have requested them. For those not requesting vegetarian please do not take that choice as there will be a limited number available. For anyone who has food allergies it may be safer to make sure that you bring something with you just in case there should be any question about the food supplied.

Bottled water will be available, and please make sure you keep hydrated!

Parking:  TBD

Regulations: You will need to read the FE Sporting Regulations and the Technical Regulations so that you are comfortable with the general concepts. The Scrutineering Manual - Procedures will give you more information on how you will be expected to perform your duties during the event. The ERS Safety Information and Appendix 4 E-Safety Training contain information on how to safely interact with a Formula E car.

Appendix 5 gives the race teams information on where stickers are required or are optional. FIA Safety Equipment Labels document shows copies of the respective labels (suits, helmets, HANS, etc.) and the placement of same.

The International Sporting Code is included on the Technical Lists page because this is an international event, however, this document is mainly used by organisers of events. The FE Sportings will be the document that will give you the information you need to work this event.

The Markings for helmet visors is new information with a clarification by the FIA, and the document WMSC Clarification on Jewelery is a clarification by the World Motor Sport Council on what jewelery may be worn by drivers.


FIA Formula E Championship Sporting Regulations (Pub. 7 Dec 2018)   1.4 MB

FIA Formula E Championship Technical Regulations 2018-2019 (Pub. 5 Dec 2018)    3 MB

Season 5 FE Championship Scrutineering Manual   65.1 MB

Season 5 Pushers & Track Marshals Instructions   1.8 MB

Season 5 Garage Scrutineers Instructions   1.2 MB

ERS Safety Information    2 MB

FE Team eSafety & Checklists    2.6 MB

On Car Brand Allocation    4.3 MB