Circuit of the Americas — At the Track

Circuit of the Americas: This track is situated south-east of Austin, Texas. If your GPS does not recognise COTA as a POI, then use the roads F&M 812 and Circuit of the Americas Blvd. If COTA Blvd cannot be found then use Piland Triangle as the crossroad. Elroy Road and COTA Blvd are the crossroads at the other end of the facility, but the entrance is often not open until one of the main event days.

Camping:  This will be in Lot M. There may be 3 areas (tent; trailer or R/V without generator; trailer or R/V with generator) so make sure you set up in the correct area. There should be porta-potties and portable shower facilities. There may also be a large marquee, which will give you an area to use if you need to get away from your enclosed space.

The marquee (when it has been in Lot K) has been used for Track Marshal meetings, and may have continental breakfast in the mornings, and sometimes evening refreshments.

Parking: This will also be in Lot M. Please pay attention to the instructions on where to park, and it is suggested that your drivewheels be placed on solid ground (edge of the gravel) if rain is, or has been, in the vicinity. This link should take you to a Google Map that shows Lot M and the route to the paddock (about 2 miles). Google Maps does not even show Lot M as a name, so the route could be incorrect. The best thing is to arrive at the track when transportation will be running between Lot M and the Paddock/Pit Lane.

For those driving to the track, be aware that the Elroy Road entrance may only be open on the days when corner workers will be working (e.g. Friday, Saturday, Sunday) .

Scrutineering or Technical Garage: This will be at the far end of the garages, near to Race Control. Our "home" space for keeping track bags, etc., has changed with each event so, unless you have been instructed otherwise in an email, it is better to plan on meeting in the garage.

Transportation within the track for Volunteers: There may be buses from the worker hotel to the track. Listen to the instructions on whether you should get off the bus at Lot M, or whether you will be taken straight to your station.

If you are being transported on the track, either by bus or trolley, you need to get off close to Race Control, along the front straight, or near Corner 20.

The track-shuttles are set up for the convenience of the track marshals. Once I know the times of the worker shuttles, and the schedule for the event, I will let you know whether I will run some shuttle runs with a minivan. If you miss all of the shuttles then you will have to walk in.

Meetings: We will have a group meeting each morning. There will be other meetings held with the Technical Delegate. If necessary, we may also have a wrap-up meeting at the end of the day. You will receive information regarding when and where, and it is your responsibility to attend these meetings.

Lunches, etc.: The track will provide lunches and drinks. Vegetarian lunches will be available for those who have requested them. For those not requesting vegetarian please do not take that choice as there will be a limited number available. For anyone who has food allergies it may be safer to make sure that you bring something with you just in case there should be any question about the food supplied.

Bottled water will be available, and please make sure you keep hydrated!

Weather: The weather has been very changeable so be prepared with suitable clothing – we have had high temperatures, torrential rain, and even frost all in the same weekend!




Listed below are the Microsoft Word downloads.

Scrutineers – Thursday Tech Control (26KB)

Scrutineers – Practice Day (33KB)

Scrutineers – Race Day (37KB)

Tyre Control (129KB)

Fuel Temperature Checks (31KB)


And the same documents as PDFs

Scrutineers – Thursday Tech Control (57KB)

Scrutineers – Practice Day (64KB)

Scrutineers – Race Day (75KB)

Tyre Control (196 KB)

Fuel Temperature Checks (51KB)


2019 MotoGP Sporting & Technical Regulations as  .docx and/or PDFs

2019 MotoGP/2/3 Sportings  (488KB) pdf

2019 MotoGP/2/3 Technicals (3.8MB) pdf

Box Technician Moto2 & Moto3 (1.2MB)docx

Box Technician Moto2 & Moto3 (1.3MB)pdf

Box Technician MotoGP (1.2MB)docx

Box Technician MotoGP (1.4MB)pdf

2019 Yellow Book (6.5MB)pdf



This space is kept open in case another event comes into COTA. Previous events have included WEC and WRX.

  The Rules and Regulations for the FIA Formula 1 World Championship  are all PDFs

  2019 F1 Sporting Regulations  (567 KB)

  2019 F1 Technical Regulations (4.5 MB)







All clarifications, Technical Lists, Labels & Markings, and Codes & Appendixes are now all together on the Technical Lists page.